12.00 - 13.30

Session 12. The New Green Norm for Cities

'Greening the city' is great for climate adaptation, for improved health & wellbeing and for more biodiversity. But what green intervention is needed exactly in the built environment, and how to define the new norm for green in cities? This session offers an introduction to the 3–30–300 norm (Cecil Konijnendijk), as well as more detailed norm systems from Denmark and The Netherlands. What green norms do we need to effectively include nature in urban developments?

Speakers line-up:


Susanne Renée Grunkin

Former chairman of Danske Landskabsarkitekter and member of the Green Cities DK Steering Committee

Cecil Konijnendijk

Visiting Professor & Director at KU Leuven & Nature Based Solutions Institute

Irene Mulder

Landscape architect at the city of The Hague

Jan Kadijk


Susanne Renée Grunkin makes it her mission to tackle the challenges of keeping cities liveable in the designs of these cities. How can we respond to climate, social and other aspects with the design? Susanne is, among other things, involved in setting up the Green Norm; a guideline for keeping cities liveable through greenery.

Cecil Konijnendijk advises governments and organisations across the world on the evidence-based greening of cities. He also researches and teaches on urban forestry and nature-based solutions.

Irene Mulder is employed as a policy advisor at the city of The Hague. She is involved in regional issues on landscape and urban planning. She also makes an effort to include nature in building design and practice in the city.

Jan Kadijk is working on sustainable cities in programs on climate adaptation, biodiversity and health & wellbeing. He is currently developing new instruments on defining climate risk at the building level and green norms for cities.

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